Our Services

Flower Arrangement (for your company)

Pretty flower arrangements could improve the image of your company and optimize your working environment.
We would visit your company once to twice weekly and renew the tailored-made flower arrangement.

Bouquet and Gifts

A wide variety of bouquet and flower products designed by us whole-heartedly would be your first choice of gifts to someone important.

Wedding and Banquet Service

We prepare tailored-made wedding bouquet, wedding flowers and all sorts of flower products which would bring you fortune and beauty.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers originated in France in 1991 and have become very popular in Europe and Asia in particular Japan since then.
Being different from dried flowers, preserved flowers maintain the integrity, texture and color of original fresh flowers and the high-quality could be kept up to 1-3 years.
During preparation of preserved flowers, special oil is absorbed into fresh flowers; this makes the texture of preserved flower petal exactly the same as that of fresh flowers. Preserved flowers should be placed in relatively dry environment and avoid direct sunlight exposure.
All the preserved flowers of Wishes Love Florist come from Japan and could be kept at its best quality for at least 2-3 years. It would be one of the best options to send others your love and blessings.

Flower Arranging Workshop for Preserved Flowers and Flowers

Wishes Love Florist organises regular preserved flowers and flower arranging workshop for friends and flower lovers, please pay attention to book a place on time.